West Windsor Township Environmental Commission

Monthly Meeting

- Meeting Open to the Public -


The agenda below is for information only. The actual agenda may change prior to the meeting. Official copies may be obtained from the Department of Engineering.


Date: February 14, 2008

Time: 8:00 P.M.

Location: Municipal Building, Room C


I.          Call to Order and Statement of Adequate Notice                                             Hornsby

II.                 Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting                                       Hornsby

III.       Planning Board Report – Recent Activities                                          Rosen

IV.       S.P.R.A.B.  Report                                                                               Appelget

V.        Shade Tree Committee Report                                                             Appelget

VI.       Update on NJDEP Activities                                                                Rosen

VII.      Old Business

Sustainable West Windsor 2007 Plan                                                   Rosen 

VIII.         New Business  

Volunteer Applications                                                                                 All

IX.       Commission Mail                                                                                 Appelget

X.                 Open Discussion                                                                                  All




Michael Hornsby, Chair

Kevin Appelget, Vice Chair