DATE:              March 26, 2008


TIME:               7:00 p.m.


LOCATION:      West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A











3.         *MINUTES:                               March 12, 2008




 AND CORRESPONDENCE:      ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)



5.         *APPLICATIONS:                      a)         SP82-03AM PRINCETON ARMS SHOPPING CENTER

                                                                        Request for one (1) year extension of approval

                                                                        2025 Old Trenton Road; Block 37.01, Block 8

                                                                        Property Zoned:  B-2 District

                                                                        MLUL:  NA

This application is for a one year extension of the site plan approval previously granted by the Planning Board for a 38,240 square foot expansion of the Princeton Arms Shopping Center located at the intersection of Old Trenton Road and Dorchester Drive.  Currently the shopping center contains 32,810 square feet.  Both the existing and proposed building will be 1 story high.  145 new parking spaces are proposed in connection with the expansion. The shopping center is located on the property identified as Lot 8 in Block 37.01 on the West Windsor Tax Map.  The approximately 10 acre lot is located in the B-2 Business Zone District.


                                                            b)         PB05-05 CARNEGIE INVESTORS, LLC

                                                                        Request for one (1) year extension of approval

                                                                        Carnegie Center Drive; Block 9, Lot 11, 78 & 82

                                                                        Property Zoned:  ROM-1 and ROM-2 Districts

                                                                        MLUL:  NA

This application is for a one year extension of the site plan approval for Building 300 in Carnegie Center II.  The approved project proposes an 84,000 square foot office building on Lot 78 to be known as Building 300 within the Carnegie Center II planned development.  Minor improvements are also proposed on the existing Building 301 site (Lot 11) and future Building 204 site (Lot 82) for pedestrian and vehicular circulation.  Building 300 is proposed to be located between Route 1 North and Carnegie Center Drive, next to Building 301 (formerly, the UJB Building).  The lots are in the ROM-1 and ROM-2 Research/Office/Manufacturing Zone Districts.

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                                                            c)         PB08-05 BUPPER’S BOUNCE

                                                                        Preliminary/Final Site Plan

                                                                        410 Princeton-Hightstown Road; Block 28, Lot 4

                                                                        Property Zoned:  RO-1

                                                                        MLUL:  March 27, 2008

410 Princeton-Hightstown Road is a one and one half story (25’ height), stand alone, 25, 126 square foot block building on a 5.02 acre lot, located in the RO-1 zoning district.  Tenant plans to do fit out of 9,800 square feet for a children’s entertainment franchise and is requesting to change from current use of “Research – Office” to “Commercial Recreation.”  No major exterior changes are proposed.


6.         CLOSED SESSION:                  (If Needed)       



7.         ADJOURNMENT

Marvin Gardner, Chair

Steve Decter, Vice Chair



(*Indicates formal action may be taken).


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