DATE:                   November 5, 2008

TIME:                    7:00 p.m.

LOCATION:         West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A







2.             ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS


3.             *CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS

 AND CORRESPONDENCE:          ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)


4.             *APPLICATION:                              PB08-09 WEST WINDSOR VOLUNTEER FIRE CO. NO. 1

                                                                                Preliminary/Final Major Site Plan and Bulk Variance

                                                                                153 South Mill Road; Block 21.07, Lot 36; Block 21.18, Lot 37

                                                                                Property Zoned:  R-1A

                                                                                MLUL:  December 19, 2008


This application is for site plan approval for an addition to the existing West Windsor Fire Company No. 1 firehouse located on the easterly line of South Mill Road, known as Lot 36, Block 21.07 and Lot 37, Block 21.18 totaling 4 acres. The addition proposed has a footprint of 3,458 square feet and an additional 910 square foot basement to the existing one-story brick and masonry block building firehouse containing 8,550 square feet. There are variances requested: side yard, height, and “improvement” (impervious coverage). Waivers are also sought from submitting a full environmental impact statement, a full wetlands survey, and a traffic signage plan. The aforesaid two lots are to be combined as one lot as a result of this application.



5.             *ORDINANCE REVIEW:               Temporary Sign Ordinance

                                                                                Housing Trust Fund Ordinance


6.             CLOSED SESSION:                    Proposed Acquisition Negotiations 



7.             ADJOURNMENT             




                Marvin Gardner, Chair

(*Indicates formal action may be taken).                                                                                                                            Steve Decter, Vice Chair


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