DATE:              November 7, 2007


TIME:               7:00 p.m.


LOCATION:      West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A









3.         *MINUTES:                               September 19, 2007


4.         *RESOLUTIONS:                      POPD-6 AM PRINCETON OVERLOOK

                                                            Request for two (2) year extension of approvals

                                                                                Route One; Block 7.13, Lot 9.01


                                                                                PB07-05SW PRINCETON INSURANCE COMPANY

                                                            Sign Waiver

                                                                                746 Alexander Road; Block 9, Lot 58



 AND CORRESPONDENCE:      ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)



6.         *APPOINTMENTS:                    Sustainability Subcommittee



7.         *LIAISON REPORTS:                a) Environmental Commission

                                                b) Affordable Housing Committee         


8.         *APPLICATIONS:


                        a)         PB07-08SW ERA PROPERTIES UNLIMITED

                                    Sign Waiver

                                    61 Princeton-Hightstown Road; Block 12.04, Lot 2

                                    Property Zoned:  P District

                                    MLUL:  NA


A 3' x 6' wall sign is proposed for the front of the existing barn building at 61 Princeton-Hightstown Road at the corner of Sherbrooke Drive.  The applicant will comply with the standards set forth in the proposed new sign ordinance being considered for the Princeton Junction Overlay District, but requests a waiver to allow it to place the sign above the second floor window so that it is readable from Princeton-Hightstown Road.


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                                b)         PB99-02AM CARNEGIE CENTER WEST – BUILDING 901

                                    Amended Preliminary/Final Site Plan

                                    Route 1 and Carnegie Center Blvd.; Block 7.15, Lot 12.09

                                    Property Zoned:  ROM-1 District

                                    MLUL:  December 8, 2007


A 130,000 square foot office building consisting of five stories, 70 feet in height is proposed to be constructed in Carnegie Center West – Phase B on a 10.04 acre lot.  The lot (Block 7.15, lot 12.09) is located at the intersection of Carnegie Center Boulevard West and US Rt. 1.  A parking lot consists of 611 parking stalls, of which 13 handicapped stalls, 91 compact stalls, and 507 standard stalls, along with associated drainage and utility improvements are proposed for the project.  The current application seeks an amendment to the previously approved site plan (in 2000) due to an increase in the proposed number of parking stalls.


9.         DISCUSSION:                           Ellsworth Center



10.        CLOSED SESSION:                  (If Needed)       



11.        ADJOURNMENT

                                                                                                                                    Marvin Gardner, Chair

 (*Indicates formal action may be taken)                                                                       Steve Decter, Vice Chair





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