May 3, 2010


The Agenda Session will begin immediately after the adequately noticed Board of Health Meeting which starts at 7:00 p.m.


1.    Call to Order


2.    Statement of Adequate Notice: July 14, 2009


3.    Salute to the Flag


4.    Public Comment : (30 minutes comment period; 3-minute limit per person)


5.    For Action:

Consent Agenda:




2010-R100 Refund of Overpaid Limousine License Renewal


Bills and Claims


Minutes: March 1, 2010 Business Session as amended

March 15, 2010 Agenda Session


Recommendations from Department Heads and/or Division Managers:






2010-R101 Granting the Increase in Reservation of Sewer Capacity for the Project Known as CDNJ Plaza, LLC-Office-PB09-10


2010-R102 Denying the Request by Edgewood Properties for a Reduction in Performance Guarantees for WWM Properties-Retail Village Center-PB03-10


2010-R103 Granting the Request by C.B. Structures Inc. d/b/a Doubletree Structures for a Full Release of Performance Guarantees for the West Windsor Township Community Park Pole Barn

2010-R104 Authorizing the Township Engineer to Execute a Treatment Works Approval Application by Sovereign Consulting on Behalf of Motiva Enterprises, LLC for Groundwater Petroleum Cleanup at the Shell Service Station


Public Safety:


2010-R105 Authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to Execute a Contract with DM Medical Billing, LLC for EMS Billing Service


6.    For Discussion:


a.    Mayor/Administration

         Sign Ordinance Discussion

b.    Council Member/Clerk

         Mayor/Council Member/Administration - Time Limit for Comments

         ADA Compliance for Township Properties

         Procedural Guideline Amendments

         Draft Ordinance Amending Chapter 4 Administration of Government


7. Redevelopment Discussions:


8. Mayor/Administrator Comments


9. Council Comments


9. Council Reports


10. Closed Session (Room C if needed)


11. Public Comment (30 minutes comment period; 3-minute limit per person)


12. Adjournment