SPECIAL AGENDA MEETING


March 31, 2008


Closed Session will begin at 6:00 p.m. for discussion of strategy in negotiating with landowners and potential redevelopers in the redevelopment area. The special agenda session will begin at 7:00 p.m.


1.    Call to Order


2.    Statement of Adequate Notice: March 4, 2008 for the special agenda meeting and March 24, 2008 for an early start for a closed session.


3.    Salute to the Flag


4.    Public Comment


For Action:

Consent Agenda:


2008-R059 Authorizing the Appointment of an Advisor for the Parking Authority to Fill an Unexpired Term through June 30, 2008




November 7, 2007 Special Session for Redevelopment

November 19, 2007 Special Session for Redevelopment

January 22, 2008 Agenda Session

February 23, 2008 Special Session


Bills and Claims


5.    Redevelopment Discussions with Mr. John Madden and Mr. Gary Davies


6.    For Action:


2008-R073 Authorizing the Execution of a Contract with Lee M. Fox Auctions Allowing the Township to Participate in the Cooperative Pricing System of Mercer /Middlesex County #61 Auction


2008-R074 Authorizing the Rejection of Bids Received for the Project Known as Analysis of Township Telecommunications Charges and Related Services


7.    For Discussion:


a.    Mayor/Administration


b.    Council Member/Clerk


         Redevelopment Entity

         Reinstatement of the Steering Committee

         Redevelopment Attorney


7.    Council Reports


8. Council Comments


9. Closed Session (if needed)


10. Public Comment


11. Adjournment