WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP COUNCIL



                                                               October 29, 2007


Closed Session will begin at 6:00 p.m. for the purpose of discussing Open Space Acquisitions, the location of Cell Towers on Township owned property, and Union Contract Negotiations.  The Agenda Session will begin immediately following the close of the adequately noticed Board of Health meeting which starts at 7:00 p.m.


1.    Call to Order


2.    Statement of Adequate Notice: July 6, 2007 and Closed Session was noticed on October 17, 2007


3.    Salute to the Flag


4.    Public Comment


5.    Closed Session: Open Space Acquisition, Union Contract Negotiations and Location of Cell Towers on Township Owned Property


6.    Meeting Reconvenes after the Closed Session and the Board of Health Meeting


7.    Public Comment


8.    Discussion Pertaining to May 21st, 2007 and September 4th 2007 Meeting Minutes


9.    For Action:

Consent Agenda:




2007-R203    Refund of Overpaid Property Taxes




September 19, 2007 – Special Session

September 24, 2007 – Schenck Farmstead Tour

October 1, 2007 – Closed Session


Bills and Claims


Recommendations from Administration:




2007-R204          Authorizing the Combination of Certain Issues of General Improvement Bonds of the Township into a Single Issue of Bonds Aggregating $9,700,000 in Principal Amount


2007-R205          Determining the Form and Other Detail, of $9,700,000 General Improvement Bonds of the Township and Providing for their Sale


10. For Discussion:


a.    Mayor/Administration

·         Draft Planning Board Ordinances - R-2, RR/C and R-1/C

·         Engineering Division Capital Projects Update

-          Alexander Road S-Curve

-          Meadow Road Improvements

-          Annual Road Improvements Program

-          Grover’s Mill Pond Dredging

-          Former Princeton Junction Firehouse

·         2008 Upcoming Issues

·         Upcoming Administration Requests for Council Action


b.    Council Member/Clerk

·         Suggested Budget Session Dates for 2008

·         Review of Taxi Ordinance

·         Maintenance and Development of Open Space

·         Community Park Improvements

·         Discussion about Future Agenda Topics

1.    Presentation by Engineering Division – Public Sewer and Water for all of West Windsor Township

2.    Plan for Continuation of Sidewalks Throughout Township

3.    Policy for Tree Lined Streets – Destruction of Sidewalks

4.    Revisions to the Cable TV Ordinance

5.    Status of Princeton Junction Overlay Ordinance

6.    Redevelopment Attorney Discussion

7.    Examine Outstanding Follow-up Items

8.    Review Hillier Contract

9.    Reevaluate Township Pay to Play Ordinances

10. Consideration for Community Gardens

11. Proposal for Boardwalks at Grover’s Mill Pond

12. Additional Agenda Topics


6.   Redevelopment Discussions:


7.    Council Reports


8.   Council Comments


9.  Closed Session (if needed)


10.  Public Comment


11. Adjournment