November 20, 2006


1.    Call to Order


2.    Statement of Adequate Notice: July 7, 2006


3.    Public Comment


4.    For Action:

Consent Agenda:




2006-R263 Advice and Consent of Council for the Appointment of Ralph Gerstein to Serve as an Advisor to the Local Assistance Board to Fill a Current Vacancy with the Term to Expire on December 31, 2006


Minutes: August 28, 2006 Agenda Session as amended

October 10, 2006 Closed Session

October 11, 2006 Special Meeting

October 11, 2006 Closed Session as amended


Bills and Claims


Recommendations from Department Heads and/or Division Managers


Community Development


2006-R264 Authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to Execute a Professional Services Agreement with Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University to Develop Sustainable Indicators



5.    For Discussion:

a.    Mayor/Administration

         Senior Center Expansion Project Architect Presentation

         Private Alarm System Proposal

         West Windsor Waterworks Membership Fees

         Yard Waste Collection Update

         Clarksville Road Pedestrian Improvements Update

         Upcoming Administration Requests for Council Action


b.    Council Member/Clerk

         Swearing in of Affordable Housing Committee Member

         Resolution Establishing Procedures for the Formulation of the Redevelopment Plan

         Motion to Tape Executive Sessions from 11/13/06 Meeting

         Discussion on Ethics In Local Government


6. Council Reports


7. Council Comments


8. Closed Session (If needed)


9.    Adjournment


Minutes for Distribution: September 18, 2006 Business Session

October 30, 2006 - Closed Session #1

October 30, 2006 Closed Session #2