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Francis Guzik, PE, CME
Director of Community Development and Township Engineer

Township of West Windsor
271 Clarksville Road
P.O. Box 38
West Windsor, NJ 08550
Telephone: (609) 799-2400
E-Mail the Community Development Department

The Department of Community Development is headed by the Director of Community Development and includes the Division of Code Enforcement, the Division of Engineering, and the Division of Land Use.


Division of Code Enforcement (Construction)

The Division of Code Enforcement, headed by the Construction Official, is responsible for the enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code for all pre-existing and new construction in the Township.  The Division performs all building, electrical, plumbing and fire plan reviews and inspections and issues permits and Certificates of Occupancy (COs).       

Dominick Cardarell Acting Construction Official
Domenick Cardarelli Building Subcode Official
William Pickel Electrical Subcode Official
James Yates Fire Protection Subcode Official
Thomas Polino Plumbing Subcode Official
Brenda Sirkis Technical Assistant to the Construction Official


E-Mail the Code Enforcement (Construction) Division

Application for Certificate of Occupancy (CO) pdf
Application for Contractor’s Registration pdf and Authorizing Ordinance
Checklist for Permit Applications
Checklist for Required Residential Inspections
Deck Distance Waiver pdf
Permit Fees
Statement of Confirmation:  Number of Bedrooms
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Division of Engineering

The Division of Engineering, headed by the Township Engineer, is responsible for managing the inspection of all public and private improvements associated with land development projects; preparing reports for bond reductions and releases; designing and preparing plans and specifications  for various Township projects; preparing grant applications; maintaining tax maps and the Township Geographic Information System (GIS); and assisting the Township’s land use boards with plan review, report preparation, expert testimony, bond estimation, and resolution compliance.

Francis Guzik, PE Township Engineer
Brian Aronson Assistant Manager of Engineering
Daniel Dobromilsky, CLA, PP Landscape Architect

Micro Grid at Municipal Complex Project Page including presentation(s) to Township Council (updated 2/1/17)

Cranbury Road Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Alternatives Study

Canal Pointe Boulevard Road Diet Study

North Post Road Widening Project

Conover Road Bikeway Project

NJDOT Concept for Route 1 Improvements:  The DRAFT Concept Plan for improvements between the Millstone River bridge and the Alexander Rd ramps/Dinky overpass and a memorandum summarizing them. (posted 6/8/17)


Flood Zone / Flood Hazard Area

If you need help trying to determine if a property is within a Flood Zone / Flood Hazard Area - Click here for the online FEMA Mapping service. Alternatively, you can visit the Community Development Department during normal business hours and someone will assist you with reviewing paper copies of the adopted FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps for West Windsor Township.

E-Mail the Engineering Division

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Little Bear Brook Watershed Study


Division of Land Use (Planning & Zoning)

The Division of Land Use is responsible for providing technical and staff support to the Township Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Site Plan Review Advisory Board (SPRAB), and other boards, committees, and commissions as appropriate.  The Division is also responsible for zoning enforcement.

Samuel Surtees Land Use Manager
Daniel Dobromilsky, CLA, PP Landscape Architect
Diane Hurlburt Technical Assistant to the Land Use Manager


E-Mail the Land Use (Planning & Zoning) Division

Zoning Map (Zoomable Map)

Street Map (Zoomable Map)

Residential Development Activity pdf
Commercial Development Activity pdf
Development Activity Map pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Planning Forms Zoning Forms
Development Application pdf   Development Application pdf
Environmental Impact Statement pdf   Environmental Impact Statement pdf
Site Plan Checklist pdf   Fence Permit Application pdf
Subdivision Checklist pdf   Home Occupation Application pdf
Green Development Checklist pdf   Request for Conditional Use Approval pdf
    Request for Interpretation pdf
    Request to Appeal an Action of a Zoning Officer pdf
    Residential Conformity Checklist pdf
    Site Plan Checklist pdf
    Subdivision Checklist pdf
    Zoning Board of Adjustment Checklist pdf
    Zoning Complaint Form pdf
    Zoning Permit Application pdf
    Zoning Permit Checklist pdf


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