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Dial 9-1-1 for all Police, Fire and Medical Emergencies.

West Windsor Township's Division of Emergency Services provides fire safety code enforcement and daytime response to fire and medical emergencies. In addition we provide a number of support services to the volunteer fire companies and first aid squad and form part of the emergency response team, which includes Princeton Junction Fire Company, West Windsor Fire Company and Twin "W" First Aid Squad.

West Windsor Emergency Services Mission and Value Statement
To be responsive to the needs of the citizens and community as well as the longevity of our volunteer fire companies and first aid squad.

West Windsor Emergency Services is New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services EMS Provider of the Year for 1999.

By township ordinance Emergency Services is charged with various responsibilities including but limited to:

  • fire code enforcement
  • site plan review and comment
  • support services to the volunteer fire companies and first aid squad
  • supervision of the township's paid emergency services employees
  • hazardous materials preparedness and response
  • municipal safety

West Windsor Township Emergency Services is organized in the following manner;

This activity is essentially the code enforcement, emergency planning and community education section of West Windsor Emergency Services. It is this activity that has the greatest potential impact on the Township and its residents as it represents a proactive, pre-emergency strategy of recognizing potential hazards in the community and identifying a solution and targeting a response.

A number of ordinances, codes, standards, regulations and programs are necessary to accomplish the mandate of the ordinance, and these include;

Code of the Township of West Windsor
In this volume are the municipal ordinances of West Windsor Township, including those enforced by the Division of Emergency Services. These include; Certificate of Approval Registration Program, local amendments to the State Uniform Fire Code and the fee schedule applicable to Emergency Services.

New Jersey Uniform Fire Code
State mandated fire prevention code requiring inspection of all buildings, except one and two family dwellings as well as the issuance of Fire Safety Permits.

This code has the greatest impact on the lasting safety of the community. The value of getting a trained fire inspector in each commercial building and multi-family dwelling at least annually can not be overstated when it comes to the safety of the township's firefighters and residents.

Annually, each commercial building and multi-family dwelling is visited at least once by a representative of West Windsor Emergency Services. Further, the Township collects revenue to directly support this program to lessen the impact to the taxpayer.

Site Planning Review
In addition to the above, West Windsor Emergency Services conducts plan review and site inspections for applications submitted to the Township Planning Board. The ordinances enforced in conjunction with site plan reviews are found in the Code of the Township of West Windsor.

Community Education
Programs include fire safety education, general safety, CPR training and other community education programs.

Emergency Management
This activity represents the Township's federally mandated emergency planning activity and includes the development of the Township's Emergency Operations Plan. The Director of Emergency Services serves as the Co-coordinator of Emergency Management with the Chief of Police.

Risk Management - Municipal Safety
As an adjunct responsibility the Director of Emergency Services serves as the Municipal Safety Coordinator.

Community Resource Preservation is divided into the following program areas and sub-sections.

Inspection Services

  1. Lock Box Program
  2. Site Planning Review
  3. Uniform Construction Code Plan Review
  4. Fire Safety Permits
  5. Fire Alarm Management
  6. Code Enforcement Inspections
  7. Smoke Detector Certification
  8. Fire Investigations

Community Education

  1. Program Development
  2. Program Presentation

Emergency Management

  1. Community Hazard Analysis
  2. Emergency Plans and Information Program
  3. Preparedness and Readiness Planning
  4. Strategic, Tactical, Resource, Information Catalog Program
  5. Corporate Emergency Planning
  6. Emergency Management Council

Risk Management - Municipal Safety

  1. Municipal Safety Committee

Miscellaneous Activities
The following information sheets are distributed by West Windsor Emergency Services to the fire companies and first aid squad to inform them of significant events and activities that may affect emergency response or personnel safety.

  1. STRIKE BOOK with street maps
  2. Emergency Services ALERTS
  3. Building Information Records

A component of West Windsor Emergency Services responsibilities is the response to medical (EMS), fire, rescue and special operations emergencies by the career staff. Additional duties include training, emergency medical services licensing and planning and readiness.

With Princeton Junction Fire Company, West Windsor Fire Company and Twin "W" First Aid Squad the primary providers of emergency organizations, two career companies have been formed and staffed to assist during daytime hours. These companies are discussed below.

EMS Company 45 - Stationed at Twin "W" First Aid Squad
Career personnel form an EMS Company utilizing a transport ambulance and respond to all medical (EMS), fire, rescue and special operations emergencies during their assigned tour of duty.

Personnel assigned to the EMS Company form a two-platoon system and staff an ambulance Monday to Friday, 7 am - 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 7 am - 5 p.m..

The EMS Company also conducts in-service smoke detector inspections, performs equipment and station maintenance as well as performing selected in-service inspections and participates in community education and department training activities.

Fire Rescue Company 45 - Stationed at Princeton Junction Fire Company
Career personnel form a Fire Rescue Company stationed at Princeton Junction Fire Company utilizing a fire apparatus and respond to selected medical emergencies and all fire, rescue and special operations emergencies during an assigned tour of duty.

Personnel assigned to the Fire Rescue Company staff a fire apparatus Monday to Friday, 8 am - 4 p.m.

The Fire Rescue Company performs equipment and station maintenance as well as participating in community education and training activities.

Special Operations
West Windsor Township is home to a collection of unique challenges to emergency response agencies, including; hazardous materials releases, confined space rescues, transportation emergencies and large public gatherings.

To confront these threats the Township has purchased a specialized vehicle called Special Operations 45, which is outfitted with equipment necessary to control and mitigate a hazardous materials release or perform a confined space rescue.

In the transportation and large public gathering realm, a surplus ambulance has been converted to serve as the support vehicle for this function. Special Services 45 is capable of deploying medical supplies to package thirty (30) patients, perform rehabilitation of personnel at emergency scenes and serve as a first aid station at large public gatherings.

The development and management of an effective and efficient training program is the foundation of any successful emergency response agency.

Additionally, Federal and State mandated training has required added time be spend on fundamental training activities which includes;

  1. Respiratory Protection Training
  2. Infection Control and Bloodbourne Pathogens Training
  3. Confined Space Training
  4. Hazardous Materials Training
  5. Incident Management Training

West Windsor Emergency Services offers classes in the above areas of concentration throughout the year to assist the volunteer fire companies and first aid squad in obtaining this critical training.

The people that make up West Windsor Emergency Services
The Emergency Services uniformed staff of ten members are trained and certified in a number pertinent areas in order to take full advantage of all personnel at anytime. These proficiencies include; Firefighter I, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, Fire Inspector and fire service trainer.

To round out the Emergency Services staff, a Director oversees all aspects to Division operations and an office manager/secretary handles various office support tasks as well as manages the division's property management program.

Personnel Deployment - The staff assigned to Emergency Services is deployed in the following manner

  • Two members are assigned to Staff.
  • Two members are assigned to Inspection Services.
  • Two members are assigned to the Fire Rescue Company 45.
  • Six members are assigned to the EMS Company 45.

Some Specific Program Information

  • Smoke Detector Certification Program - New Jersey State law requires that all residential properties be inspected prior to sale, rental or lease to insure that smoke detectors are present and operational.

    Inspections may be scheduled by calling West Windsor Emergency Services at 609-799-2400. When scheduling a smoke detector compliance inspection, property owners or agents will need the property block and lot number.

    Inspections are conducted Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday mornings. The fee for a smoke detector certification inspection is $50.00.

  • Adopt A Fire Hydrant - In times of winter weather, we ask residents to adopt a fire hydrant and see that the snow is cleared to allow immediate access by the fire department.

  • Change Your Clock Check Your Smoke Detector - Smoke detectors are vital to your family's safety. Twice annually, in the Spring and Fall, when we change our clocks, we ask that you change batteries and test your smoke detectors.

If you have any questions regarding these programs or other Emergency Services related information please do not hesitate to contact us at 609-799-2400.

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