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Redevelopment Information


Request for Qualifications and Proposals
For the Preparation Of a
Redevelopment Plan

Information Meeting
10:00 A.M. -- April 24, 2006

Questions Asked and Answered

Q. Where are the Municipal Complex and the new Toll Brothers’ Development located?

    A. The Municipal Complex is located along Clarksville Road and the Estates at Princeton Junction development is located along Bear Brook Road.

Q. Is there anyone from the Township with whom firms can meet in advance of the May 30, 2006 deadline to discuss the RFQ/P and the Township’s vision for the project?

    A. No.  In fairness to other prospective planners, the firms will have to rely on the comprehensive Request for Qualifications and Proposals document, the Township’s general information session held on April 24, 2006, and any information about the project posted on the Township Web Site.

Q. Are you precluded from working with a Redeveloper if hired by the Township?

    A. No.  A firm is not precluded from working for a Redeveloper unless selected by the Township to serve as its Master Planner or had already been employed by the Redeveloper while engaged in preparing the redevelopment plan.

Q. What is the estimated schedule for the project?

    A. Staff has estimated a project schedule of approximately eighteen (18) months for adoption of the Redevelopment Plan.

Q. How many Charrettes are anticipated?

    A. The selected firm will be expected to provide ample opportunities for public input and participation in the development of the Redevelopment Plan.  There is no set number of Charrettes anticipated at this time.

Q. Is there State funding available?

    A. The Township has received a grant from the NJ Office of Smart Growth in the amount of $55,000.  The Township is actively seeking additional funding from any/all federal, state, county, local, and other sources.

Q. What is the existing zoning in the Area in Need of Redevelopment?

    A. Please reference the document entitled: Princeton Junction Redevelopment Area, Determination of Need available on the West Windsor Web Site under Projects Around Town: Princeton Junction Redevelopment Study.

Q. Is the local community supportive of this project?

    A. There is significant support for the redevelopment project.  There are also concerns about the scope of the redevelopment project by several neighboring residents.

Q. Is it necessary for the selected firm to achieve public support for the project?

    A. It is anticipated that the selected firm will work with the Township to build consensus through an open, participatory planning process that involves residents, local businesses, and other stakeholders.

Q. Is the use of “small business” included in the project goals?

    A. The Township will adhere to State requirements.

Q. Will the Township be taking advantage of the Redevelopment Area Bond Act?

    A. Yes.

Q. Is there a “prediction” in regards to what the Mayor and Council want to see for this area (e.g., Mixed Use)?

    A. The Township is looking to create a mixed-use, Town Center, and/or Transit Village concept that successfully blends retail, commercial and/or residential uses unique to West Windsor.

Q. What will be the involvement of NJ Transit in this project?

    A. New Jersey Transit owns a significant amount of property included in the Area in Need of Redevelopment (including the Princeton Junction Station at West Windsor) and will provide an appropriate level of input and/or expertise as needed.

Q. What will be the involvement of the development community in the project?

    A. The selected firm will be expected to engage the development community as necessary to determine the market feasibility of the redevelopment plan.

Q. What will be the total budget for services?

    A. The Township is looking to engage a successful and qualified firm to develop a quality redevelopment plan.  The Township will therefore await responses to the RFQ/P before finalizing a budget for plan development.

Q. Will there be a steering committee?

    A. Yes.

Q. Will there be a community center or specific municipal function included in the project?

    A. The Township anticipates areas for public use including pocket parks, common areas, and/or other types of amenities.  The Township may also need to locate a fire or emergency services substation in the Area in Need of Redevelopment.  It is also anticipated that there will be a need for parking structures to service the needs of the train station and other offerings of the area.

Q. Are we looking for one firm or a team?

    A. Either.  Ultimately it will be a managed team.  This team will be working for the Township not a Redeveloper.  There will be a need for an urban design exercise, traffic analysis, market analysis, and economic analysis.  Although ratables are important, it should not be designed as another Metropark.  Traffic issues need to be addressed with an enhanced network and all elements need to hold together seamlessly.  The team will need to work with and involve all governmental agencies and the West Windsor-Plainsboro School Board.

Q. Can a firm be a participant in more than one proposal?  Can the primary firm also be a sub to another primary?

    A. Yes.  A firm can be a part of more than one planning team, (e.g., traffic consultant, economic market analyst, and architect).

Q. Do subs need to fill out the forms as well?

    A. Yes.

Q. If the electronic submission is by the deadline, can the paper original and nine copies follow later?

    A.Yes, provided the paper original and copies are postmarked as of the deadline date.

    Q. Is there a set guideline to follow when creating sections for this submittal or is it best to follow the selection criteria as a guide? 

    A.Follow the selection criteria as a guide.


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