Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Lifecycle of Permit
  2. Public Research: Code Enforcement’s public computer is not available at this time. Please sign-up for and use the SDL Portal to research any property's block & lot file. This is available 24/7. Click the “SDL Portal” link in the left side menu, or enter into your web browser: 
  3. When is a permit required?
  4. What is an ordinary maintenance?
  5. What is minor work?
  6. Whose responsibility is it to secure permits?
  7. Who can prepare plans for permits?
  8. What are required inspections?
  9. Can manufacturer's installation specifications supercede a code? 
  10. What are the requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy?
  11. When is one subject to a monetary penalty?
  12. Who to contact at the State for assistance?
  13. Where can one purchase code books?