Planning Board

Meetings: First 4 Wednesdays of Each Month  - 6:30 P.M. 

Appointed by Mayor
(Except for Class III, Council Representative - Appointed by Council)

The Planning Board is responsible for preparing the Township’s Master Plan, as well as subdivision and site plan review in compliance with the requirements of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and the Township Land Use Code, Chapter 200.  They also make recommendations to Township Council regarding proposed changes to the zoning ordinances and the official Zoning Map of the Township. Planning Board is composed of nine regular and two alternate volunteer members.   They include the Mayor, a member of Council, a member of the Environmental Commission, six other citizens and two alternates.


Term Expires Members
2025 - Class IV Curtis Hoberman (Vice Chair)
2024 - Class IV Allen Schectel
2025 - Class I Hemant Marathe
2023 - Class III Linda Geevers
2023 - Class IV Sue Appelget
2023 - Class IV Simon Pankove
2025 - Class IV* Anis Ahmad Baig
2026 - Class IV Michael Karp (Chair)
2023 - Class II** Jyotika Bahree
2024 - Alternate 1 Robert Loverro
2025 - Alternate 2 Pankaj Patel
Recording Sec. Cindy Dziura
Admin Sec. Lisa Komjati

Samuel Surtees, Manager -Division of Land Use (Staff Liason)


 *Environmental Commission Rep
**Affordable Housing Committee Rep