Yard Waste Collection

Leaves, Brush and Yard Debris

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Brush, Leaves, and Yard Debris (excluding grass) will be collected by West Windsor Public Works Department. See Zone Chart for dates. Per Chapter 150, Article VI, of the Township Code, yard waste can only be placed at the curb or along the street during the seven (7) days prior to a scheduled and announced collection. Additional yard debris should not be placed at curb or along the street after DPW crews have cleared the street of yard debris. No yard waste shall be placed closer than 10 feet from any storm drain inlet.

Do not put brush in bags: All material must be in open cans or loose at curb between curb and sidewalk. Bagged materials will not be collected. Materials at curbside must not block water run-off into storm drains. All material must be at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the collection week for that zone.

Collected: branches (see policy below), twigs, shrub clippings, garden trimmings, plant stalks, pine needles, tree trimmings & pruning debris, weeds, flowers, brown Sweet Gum seed balls, and all other vegetative yard debris.

Not collected: garbage, grass, soil, railroad ties, landscape timber, pressure-treated materials, concrete, bricks, tree stumps or large tree limbs, wood, construction materials, stones, plywood, 2x4s, etc.

Policies for brush and branches:

  1. Tree trunks and logs shall not exceed 6 inches in width and 18 inches in length. Tree parts exceeding 6 inches in width or 18 inches in length will not be collected.
  2. Yard Waste collection shall not take place for the months of January & February.
  3. All brush put at the curb must be no longer than 5 ft in length.
  4. Branches over 4 inches in diameter must be cut into pieces no longer than 18 inches in length.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in fines

County Roads: West Windsor picks up yard waste on County roads in zone order. The County, on their schedule, helps with leaf pickup. Call Mercer County Road Department (609) 530-7500.

Telephone Numbers:
Public Works: 799-8370
MCIA: 278-8086
Municipal Office: 799-2400


Residents who wish to dispose of grass clippings should put them out with their regular trash in closed plastic bags or containers with lid. NOTE: Grass clippings will not be picked up in Recycle Buckets. Loose grass clippings CANNOT be put out at the curb or in the street. Please make sure yard debris is not mixed in with grass; otherwise, it will not be picked up.