Pothole Repairs

Though potholes are a year-round problem, the repeated periods of freezing and thawing during the winter and early spring months are especially hard on the pavement on all road. If you have a pothole to report, PLEASE have location information such as landmarks, travel lane direction or adjacent street addresses.

Public Works crews internally report potholes when they find them while going about their regular duties. Also, supervisors check the roads daily for damaged areas. The Police Department also sends in reports regarding potholes. Potholes, once reported, are repaired as quickly as possible using a high-performance patch material.

Residents may report potholes within the Township by calling West Windsor Public Works at 799-8370. Please leave a message giving the location of the pothole as precisely as possible (street name, nearest cross street, side of street, etc.). Residents may also report potholes by emailing Public Works at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Potholes on County roads are repaired by Mercer County’s road crews (see below for a list of County Roads).
These potholes should be reported to the County’s Highway Division of Roads Dispatcher at (609) 530-7510.
Residents may also report potholes to Mercer County at https://www.mercercounty.org/i-want-to/report-a-pothole

County Roads in West Windsor Township:
Clarksville Rd (CR 638);
Cranbury Rd (CR 615);
Edinburg Rd (CR 526);
Edinburg-Windsor Rd (CR 641);
Harrison St (CR 629),
Old Trenton Rd (CR 535);
Princeton-Hightstown Rd (CR 571);
Quakerbridge Rd (CR 533);
Robbinsville-Edinburg Road (CR 526);
South Mill Rd (CR 526) from CR 571 to Woodmere Way;
South Post Rd (CR 602) from Old Trenton Road into Mercer County Park;
Village Rd E (CR 644) between Edinburg & Southfield; and
Washington Rd (CR 571/526)

(US Route 1 & Route 64 Bridge) – Please use the State NJDOT web form https://www.njdotproblemreporting.com/