COVID-19 Cases Reported in West Windsor Residents                          235 

  Recent Activity During the Previous 2 weeks 
(September 9, 2020 through September 23, 2020)                                
Cases Reported                                                                                               3 

A number of people are interested in what is the state of “West Windsor community”? The number of cases in the past two weeks will give you that indication however you want to interpret it.  

Last week I suggested that I may report less frequently than weekly and a few of you requested me to continue weekly reporting. With businesses opening up and people scheduling events the health office is swamped with issues. We will make every effort to report on a weekly basis but if I don’t report you can assume that we had no case during the past week. Rest assured that if there is anything significant, I will continue to report in a timely manner.  

The first drive through Flu clinic for seniors (55+) is scheduled for next Tuesday (Sep 29th). There is still time to register for it.  

Thanks to Paul Ligeti for today’s picture of the historical Schenck Farmstead Farmhouse along Southfield road.  Thanks to Paul, the historical society has lot of interesting information about history of West Windsor on their website.  

Have a wonderful week. Stay safe.  

Schenck Farmstead Farmhouse Paul Ligeti

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