Construction Permits:

Permits are not required for day-to-day upkeep and/or simple replacements including painting, window and door replacement using new material of the same dimensions, and carpet installations. This is referred to as “Ordinary Maintenance” and more details can be found here .

Minor Work  projects are more involved than Ordinary Maintenance, and require a permit application.  However, they require less oversight than projects requiring full plan reviews and inspections.  Therefore, the State allows projects that meet Minor Work definitions to begin before the permit has been issued, but only after notice of the work has been filed with the Division, by phone, mail or email. Definitions of Minor Work projects can be found here.  It is better if you contact the Division if you have any questions about the definitions or process.  

Regular Work permits are required to be issued before any work begins. The regular permits cover work such as construction of new buildings, additions, new wiring or outlets, new plumbing, new sump pump, decks, pools, retaining walls 48” tall or higher, and storage sheds 200 square feet or larger.  Some permits can require prior approvals of the work from the Zoning Officer, Health Division, Engineering Division and/or Mercer County Soil Conservation District. 

Emergency Work can start immediately once our office has been notified. The Property Owner has 72 hours to submit the appropriate permit request(s). Valid emergencies include roof leaks, heater repairs / replacements and other conditions which may affect the safety of the building occupant(s).

Please review the general explanation and flowchart explaining the Building Permit process, including Prior Approvals, for regular work here.

Once you have reviewed this information, please visit the Forms & Permits page (see left side menu) for the applicable Code Enforcement & Construction paperwork. 

Please note that the use of the 2015 codes is no longer acceptable. As of March 3, 2020 all building permit applications and plans must reference the 2018 codes.

If you have any questions, please contact the Division staff at 609-799-2400 during regular business hours.