Spatial Data Logic (SDL) is a municipal management software company that Code Enforcement Division uses to streamline and automate the Construction Permit Application (CPA) and inspection process, with online services for the benefit of our community. An SDL app for your phone or tablet is also available through the SDL website.

Once you create an account, West Windsor citizens, businesses and professionals can use the SDL Portal to engage with the Code Enforcement online 24/7 to:

  • Submit permit applications online (Online plan submission not yet available awaiting State guidelines)
  • Schedule permit inspections
  • Review the status of any CPA reviews and inspections
  • Research prior permit information on any Township property
  • Pay permit fees online

To visit the Township’s website with more info and “SDL Portal” link:

Code Enforcement

OR go to SDL directly via your web browser:

Another way to state updated on a CPA is to make sure your email address is provided to the Township when the CPA is filed so that you receive copies of all correspondence issued by the Township.